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What is Bible quizzing?

Bible Quizzing is a ministry designed to put the Word of God in the hearts of young people. It helps young people mature in intellect, attitude, emotions and most of all, helps them grow spiritually. There are very few other areas in which young people are able to socialize with so many other godly youth on a regular basis. While the ministry assists in so many other aspects of a young person’s life, it also is extremely competitive and exciting!


Bible Quizzing requires disciple and responsibility of individual young people and tests their ability to cooperate as a team. An Experienced quizzer must learn over 500 selected verses from the word of God to be able to compete efficiently and must be able to answer questions from any of those verses. The questions can range from having 1 part to multiple parts, can be a cross-reference (from multiple verses or chapters or books) or quotation in which a quizzer must quote a verses or verses verbatim. A quizzer must devote much time in these verses to be competitive. The verse of remains true: God’s word will not return to Him void.


To the casual observer, Bible quizzing is a sport in which two teams match knowledge, speed, memory, and quickness of response against one another on a designated portion of Scripture. Quizzing, however, offers much more than just competition and sport. The program involves falling deeply in love with the Word of God. By becoming involved in memorization, young people develop a love and respect for the Bible. The Word is planted in their hearts and dynamically changes their lives.


Is there an age limit?

There are two divisions of Bible Quizzing: The Junior division (Ages 6-11) and the Senior division (Ages 12-18). Inside the Senior division there is an Intermediate division of quizzing for 12 to 14 year olds and first year quizzers and an Experienced division for advanced quizzers betwenn the ages 12 and 18 years old. The quizzer’s division is determined by the age they are on December 31st of the year prior to the quiz year (i.e. A student will be Experienced if their 15th birthday is December 31st.)


How long is the quiz season?

The actual Bible Quizzing Tournaments start in January and are held monthly until the states final tournament in June. If a team places at their state tournament, they qualify for nationals held the first weekend in August. The quizzers actual start studying in November or the beginning of December.


How do you start a quizzing program?

First ask your Pastor if he would be ok with your church starting such a ministry. When you have your Pastor’s ok, contact your state coordinator for more information on the subject. Your state youth committee should have information on how to contact the state Bible Quizzing coordinator. Get any information or ideas for promoting Bible Quizzing from the state coordinator before approaching kids. The coordinator can give you tips on how to successfully promote the program at your church. When you’ve reached been approved by the Pastor and asked any pertinent questions to your state coordinator, present it to the youth at your church.


We come from a small church. How many kids are needed to have a Bible Quizzing team?

You don’t have to be a mega-church to have a quiz team! A team can have as much as 5 quizzers or as little at two. If you have a couple young people and a coach at your church that want to participate, you qualify for Bible Quizzing! Even if there if just one young person that wants to join, they can join another team from the state to be involved in the ministry.


How does the quizzing work?

Each tournament will have a number of teams that play each other in a bracket format with two teams at a time playing. At the board, there are two sides (a red and a yellow) with a team sitting on either side. Each color has three places for quizzers at the board with chairs 5 to 7 feet behind the board for coaches and alternate quizzers (up to two). During the actual quiz there are twenty questions that increase in difficulty and point value as the quiz proceeds. The first eight questions (Questions 1-8) are simple questions worth ten points each. The next nine questions (Questions 9-17) are a little bit more difficult and are worth 20 points each. The last three questions (Questions 18-20) are difficult questions that require more time to answer. The team with the highest points at the end of the quiz wins the match!


How does a quizzer answer a question?

The quizmaster (the person who organizes the quiz and reads the question, typically the state quizzing coordinator or assistant) reads each question after which both teams have 5 seconds to hit their buzzer to attempt the question. The quizzer who hits the buzzer first has the opportunity to answer the question; however, if neither team hits the buzzer in 5 seconds, the question is timed-out and the quizmaster proceeds to the next question. When a quizzer buzzes in, they have 30 seconds to answer the question to their fullest ability. If they correctly answer the question, the quizmaster will say, “That is correct” and the correct quizzer and their team will receive the amount of points the question was worth. If the quizzer incorrectly answers the question or if time is called during the quizzers answer, the quizmaster will say, “That is incorrect” and the quizzer and their team will lose one-half the point value of the question.


What materials do you need?

Each quizzer only needs a box of Bible Quizzing cards to start the year. There are many other awesome materials available to quizzers but not all will benefit a novice team. As you get more involved in the quizzing ministry, ask other teams and quizzers what materials benefit their personal study. It would benefit every quizzer, especially novice quizzers, to have a rules manual.


Coaches will benefit from having a set of color-coded verse sheets with all the year’s material on the front and back of several laminated pages. If the coach has a windows-based laptop that’s accessible to them, there is a BQ reference system in which a coach can locate every verse containing a certain word in study. Another thing that coaches need is score sheets. Score sheets help the coach/assistant coach keep up with the score during the game. A coach may refer to the score table to ensure they have correctly recorded the score, however, it is of great importance that a coach can see what happened on every question during a quiz. Coaches will also need a Rules Manual. A Rules Manual is the greatest tool for understanding how quizzing works.


A team will need a buzzer system for practices. The team will also need questions to practice with. Many times a district will sell questions after a quiz tournament; however, these are questions of material that the quizzers already know. It is always good to have new questions to ask over the new material during weekly practices.


The source for all things quizzing is Bro. and Sis. Gary and JoAnn Powers create mostly all materials for the study in quizzing each year.


What are Bible Quizzing cards?

Bible Quizzing cards are a set of two sided flashcards that contain every verse of study and it’s respective reference. On one side is the reference (e.g. “”) and on the other side of that same card is the verse text (e.g. “And he came to Nazareth where he had been brought up, and as his custom was, he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up for to read.”) These cards are made specifically for each division and it’s relevant amount of verses.


Why not just use the Bible to learn instead of quiz cards?

Bible Quizzing cards allow a quizzer to mix up their material and quote it out of order. “Why,” you say? I’m glad you asked. First and foremost if a quizzer is to use these verses in life, they must not only know the verse, but where to flip their Bible to in order to show others the verse. This is a powerful witnessing tool! When you are speaking to some about Christ, you’re not only quoting the verse word for word but you’ve flipped the Bible open to that chapter and verse for them to see that what you are saying is exactly how it is written. Directly related to the quizzing, you need your cards mixed up because the questions are mixed up. Each question in a quiz is randomly generated and the only way to be completely prepared for any verse is by having studied them out of order.


What material will be covered?

Each year has a different theme and verse list. In years past we’ve studied Apostolic Doctrine, Heroes of the Faith, Epistles of Paul to the Saints, and the book of Luke. This year we’re excited about having the theme “The Way of Wisdom” which covers verses of wisdom from Solomon in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.


What material do the different monthly quizzes cover?

As the year progresses, the material cumulates. The first tournament may be over 40 to 100 verses and the second may be over 120 to 180 verses (which include the 40 to 100 learned for the first tournament). It is not beneficial for a quizzer to only learn new verses in expectation for an upcoming quiz seeing that the other verses already know are going to be quizzed over as well. Your district coordinator would be your contact to find out how much material will be covered for each tournament.


Where will we travel to?

Traveling is an exciting part of quizzing! Quizzing trips range from district tournaments around your state to national tournaments in famous cities around the nation. Each month teams go to state tournaments. There are four regional extravaganzas each year where teams from states in a region come together for a combination tournament. The regions with extravaganzas include: Eastern, Western, North Central and South Central. Depending on the location of the Bible Quizzing Extravaganza (BQE), this is one of the farthest tournaments teams will normally travel to. Team may also travel to invitational tournaments throughout the year.


How much does it cost to get a quiz team started?

For each quizzer, a box of cards costs around 20 dollars. A team will have several expenses to take care of. The biggest expense in starting a quiz team is purchasing the Bible Quizzing buzzer system. These usually are priced about 150 dollars. A quiz program typically only needs one buzzer system for every 7 or 8 years. The yearly materials range in cost depending on the amount of materials that a team buys. To get an estimate of how much you’ll need to pay, look at for a pricing list.


Where can I find good fundraisers?

The Internet is an awesome resource for finding fundraising ideas. Do note that you should not have to pay any money for fundraising ideas. There are plenty of quality ideas on the Internet that are free to use. Also speak to your state quizmaster and other coaches for ideas about great fundraisers for Bible quizzing.


Downloadable FAQ’s PDF