The Real McCoy Contest

Many young people have discovered their passion for God’s Kingdom by getting personally involved in life-giving SFC fundraising via The Real McCoy Contest. The students in your church can be involved in this exciting contest as we challenge our Apostolic youth to live sacrificially and become a generation of givers.

Winners from each district across North America will be flown in to the World Evangelism Center in St. Louis, MO, for an exclusive weekend with the executives of the General Youth Division.



Contestants will be judged on:

  • Money raised [a minimum of $1,000]
  • District involvement [i.e., attendance at sectional rallies, youth conventions and youth camp]
  • Church involvement
  • Effort and creativity


Contest winners will participate in:

  • A photo/video shoot: Photos and video taken during this session will be used in GYD promotional materials and publications for the next calendar year.
  • Demolition ball: A hybrid game that fuses bumper cars and lacrosse!
  • A tour of World Evangelism Center
  • Lazer tag
  • A focus group forum
  • Food, fellowship and fun in downtown St Louis at a downtown restaurant, City Museum, The Arch, and more.


Age Limit: 12-25 (single, never married)
A sponsor (age 21 or older) may accompany winners under the age of 16. A minor may travel unaccompanied with parent, pastor, and youth president approval. This sponsor will be responsible for his/her own expenses.


Real McCoy Weekend: October 31-November 2, 2015